Alocasia 'Azlanii' is a stunning and relatively rare cultivar of the Alocasia genus, known for its distinctive foliage and captivating appearance.

Growth Habit: 'Azlanii' Alocasia typically grows with an upright, clumping habit. It produces multiple stems, each crowned with its signature leaves.

Foliage: The defining feature of 'Azlanii' is its striking foliage. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, and deeply lobed, creating a unique silhouette.

Light: Provide bright, indirect sunlight for 'Azlanii.' While it appreciates good light.

Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix that retains some moisture.

Alocasia 'Azlanii' is typically grown as an indoor plant due to its tropical origins and sensitivity to cold temperatures. Its unique leaf shape, color, and veining make it a striking addition to interior spaces, adding a touch of exotic elegance. It's often placed in well-lit living areas, near windows with bright, indirect light, or as a focal point in plant displays.

Alocasia ‘Azlanii’ is a rare, desirable houseplant which features dark green leaves tinged with veins of dark pink. The plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight in a very high humidity environment, planted in soil that is constantly moist but not soggy. To ensure that these conditions are met, the plant should be kept in a windowsill in the kitchen or bathroom because these are usually the most humid environments within a house. The Alocasia ‘Azlanii’ thrives in temperatures between 18-23°C and if maintained correctly will grow to a maximum height of 90cm. The unique, beautiful plant should be kept indoors after maturity to add sophistication to any home. 

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